Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Hunger Games Movie Cast List

This cool pic depicts a scene from the reaping. Click on the illustration to go to the artist's website.
If you've yet to read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, you are definitely missing out on the best book of the year. Go pick it up today and read it (click on The Hunger Games book below and it will take you to the Barnes & Noble link to order it), because it will be a huge sensation by the end of this year, when casting for the movie begins.
Before you criticize my choices, I pose a challenge to you: create your own cast list and share them with Under each posting, give me the name of your recommendation, and I can create a poll for each character that we can vote on and try to decide who would be the best in each roll. I'm sure my pick of Kevin Costner is raising eyebrows, but what Hollywood actor in his mid-fifties would fit Haymitch? I had thought about Terry Bradshaw, who played Matthew McConaugay's dad in Failure to Launch. I wasn't sure if he could be sour enough, and I'm sure I'm totally forgetting of a guy who would do great playing a crotchety middle-aged man with a beer belly. The actor who plays Juno's dad also came to mind...any thoughts from you?
Want more casting suggestions? Click HERE for more!


  1. It would take me forever to even start a list because I am so not up on current Hollywood actors. But, I thought I would give you my opinions. You did amazing! Most of these were how I had them pictured. I agree with with the Katniss cast, and think she can be roughed up but still be gorgeous. I pictured Peeta with a bit more weight and darker features, but you got the smile and personality captured perfectly for me. I thinnk Gale and Peeta must both be hotties, and Gale is that! I didn't have a image of Gale as much as I did Peeta. For Rue, even though the book's description is right on with your cast, I pictured her even smaller and lighter. Prim is right on in my mind. You hit the nail on the head casting Keven as Haymitch. I can totally see him in this roll more than some of the others. I do have a problem with the Effie cast. With a wig, I might can see it, but I don't know much about Emma Thompsan. I think Coach Taylor is a hottie so however he can be cast is a okay by me. I can see Naomi Watts frail and senile as the mother. Okay, there you go. Just some random thoughts. I think you did an amazing job casting. You have read it many more times than I have. I plan on reading it again this summer. See ya TUESDAY!

  2. Whoo-hoo! I love commentary. Ashlee gave me a great suggestion for Effie that I'm going to post. She knows wayyyy more young actors due to her CW obsession! I'll post them so you can critique. Love your thoughts! We must go to B & N to get Catching Fire. I'm still going to get the B&N lady to let us host a release party!

  3. I think Robert Downey Jr. should play haymitch...he would be perfect..cause hes witty and all that

  4. katniss - Lucy Hale
    Gale - Kevin Zeger
    Peeta - Mitch Hewer
    Rue - Rubina Ali
    Haymitch - Huah Laurie
    Prom - Elle Fanning
    Cinna - Hugh dancy
    Effie - Katy Perry
    Cato - Tom Felton
    Foxface- (ME! but that wont happen so) Emma Stone
    Glimmer - Emma Degerstedt
    District 3 boy- Skander Keyres
    Madge - Anna Sophia Robb
    Clove - ???
    Thresh - ???
    Mrs. Everdeen - ????

  5. haymitch should be robert downey jr

  6. i think that sterling knight should play peeta.

  7. Skander Keyres should be Gale.

  8. Would not like him as Gale .... What do ya think `bout Ben Barnes ??

  9. gale better be hott!!!! best character in the book :)

  10. alex pettyfer for peeta all the way!!
    ♥ peeta!
    and the description of gale in the books is "tall, built, dark hair, olive/tan skin"
    and all i can think is taylor lautner hahahah

  11. Katniss Everdeen-Alexandra Daddario
    Peeta Mellark-Edward Speelers
    I think they fit the style of both characters pretty well! :)

  12. Katniss-Lucy Hale
    Peeta-Alex Pettyfer
    Gale-Drew Roy
    Haymitch-Robert Downey Jr.

  13. Gale-Booboo stewart
    Peeta-Sterling Knight
    Katniss-Victoria Justice
    every other part..I think anyone should be able to try out for..I mean thats just me though!?!?! (: I mean yeh they have expirence but how did they get the same way that some of us are trying to do..
    Foxface should be pretty...she sounds pretty!! && Katniss should be the chick with the right facials ! (: -emily! (: