Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Hunger Games Cast - Katniss's Father

Kyle Chandler (from the TV show, Friday Night Lights) should play in flashback scenes from Katniss's memory. When he sings, the birds stop and listen, and apparently he has enough charizma (and good looks, too) that Katniss's mother leaves a richer lifestyle to make a life with him.


  1. him and brendan frasier are my picks. but the more i look at the pics.. HE'S PERFECTO! :-)

  2. yes, PERFECTO!! I just want to see him acting (and maybe singing) and I vote him as Katniss's dad!!

  3. not bad !!
    but i don`t think he is too important cause you won´t see him that much ...
    but this guy is good :)

  4. i dont honestly care about katniss's father but i think this guy can do it !!