Monday, April 20, 2009

Third, Fourth Movies for Twilight Saga!

YES! There will definitely be a third (Eclipse) and a fourth (Breaking Dawn) movie for the Twilight Saga! Can you imagine how they will film the pivotal scenes in Breaking Dawn? The blood that will be needed for Bella alone will be grotesque and insane!
By Dominic Patten
The fourth and final film in the "Twilight" teen vampire series is in the works, TheWrap has learned.With the sequel to the blockbuster hit "New Moon" now filming in Vancouver and its sequel, "Eclipse," already deep in the planning stages, an individual close to the production has told TheWrap that work on the fourth and final in the series, "Breaking Dawn," will start in late spring 2010.Summit Entertainment spokesman Paul Pflug declined to confirm or deny the report, saying only, "Summit has no comment on that rumor at this time."The planning for "Twilight" IV means that the blockbuster series based on Stephenie Meyer's popular vampire drama has come to dominate the production schedule of Summit Entertainment. It also means that the obsessive fan base of the movies can expect to revel in no fewer than three full-length "Twilight Saga" films -- going from November of this year through the end of 2010.But a Summit executive who declined to be identified said that there was no production schedule for "Breaking Dawn," and no current plans to shoot in Vancouver. "New Moon" is scheduled for release on Nov. 20, while "Eclipse" has a tentative release date of June 2010. A fourth in the series would logically be scheduled for release before the end of next year. That means even more pressure on a full-throttle production schedule past the end of this year. Fans of the book will remember that the action through the novels takes place in a relatively short period of time, unlike, say, "Harry Potter.""New Moon," directed by Chris Weitz and with a reported $50 million budget, is slated to wrap in late May and go into an accelerated post-production for that late fall 2009 release date. Stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and the other leads will get a couple of months off, then return to Vancouver in late summer 2009 to begin work on "Eclipse," whose director has not yet been chosen. Summit has denied reports in the blogosphere that Juan Antonio Bayona, who helmed 2007's "The Orphanage," had won that gig. Shooting on "Eclipse" will come to an end just as Pattinson and Stewart get ready to hit the promotion circuit for "New Moon." Once their duties around the world on the red carpet for the first sequel are complete, they will have only Christmas holidays and a few months off before heading back to Vancouver for "Breaking Dawn."

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