Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Awesome Read...

Heaven. The After Life. The Great Beyond...there are many terms for the place we go when death becomes us. Gabrielle Zevin has a humorous and touching outlook on the subject in her book, Elsewhere. Fifteen year old Elizabeth Hall is the victim of a fatal hit and run, and wakes up on a cruise ship bound for Elsewhere. Liz doesn't want to accept the fact that she is dead, let alone believe that this luxury cruise liner is destined for heaven. When her grandmother, Betty (who passed away from breast cancer before Lizzie was born) is waiting at the pier to pick her up, Lizzie must come to terms that she is A.) DEAD B.) This isn't the heaven she envisioned and C.) she is never going back to Earth. Zevin does a remarkable job translating Liz's grief, anger, and bitterness through heartbreaking glimpses of the life on Earth that Liz unwillingly left behind. Elsewhere is a touching, unique, and witty look at the place where we go after leaving this world.

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