Monday, September 28, 2009

So I Reread New Moon This Weekend...

I may be slightly pathetic for admitting this, but I've read Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn at least two times apiece. I'm a huge fan of rereading because just like watching your favorite film over and over, you can catch details you missed the first go-around when you reread. When I teach a novel, year after year, I am constantly rereading. I have read The Outsiders at least ten times (when you throw in student teaching and my 7th grade year at WDJH), and every year I catch something new in the novel I missed the last time I read it. I actually think I enjoyed Twilight much more the second time because I wasn't rushing through it!

You will notice that I left New Moon out of the mix during my first rereading marathon. New Moon hurt so much the first time, I just couldn't put myself through it a second time during my rereads last summer. With the movie release swiftly approaching, I wanted to have the novel fresh on my brain so I could pick apart each scene with a fine-tooth comb. I begrudgingly picked up a second copy (with the splendid new movie cover, I might add), and gave it another go! Maybe it was because I knew how the book would end (with Edward safely between the last pages and full of life in two more thick books), but rereading New Moon brought me so much pleasure this time! Stephenie Meyer has most definitely had her heart broken...we all know what that huge hole in your chest feels like when you lose the one you love. I identified with Bella's pain in a whole new way, and began to love Jacob just a teensy bit more! If you haven't reread New Moon, give it a try before the movie releases. (It will also give you an excuse to purchase the book with the movie cover you see below. You don't want to damage your hard cover copy, now do you?) You know that Edward will be right back in Bella's arms, so what do you have to lose this time around?

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