Friday, September 17, 2010

Katniss Everdeen: Leading Lady in Teen Fiction

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The Hunger Games movie poster (DeviantArt)

Isn't this fan-made movie poster AWESOME??? Notice how Katniss and I are mirroring poses in my costume pic. Ha!

If you've frequented my blog, you know that all things concerning The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins dominates most of my posts. I can't help it. I LOVE the book and series, and I'm estatic that I can teach the novel to my junior high students! Today in class we were discussing Katniss and her character traits, and I off-handedly mentioned that she was my favorite female character in teen fiction. My students didn't miss a beat and decided to turn the tables on their teacher, asking, "What makes Katniss your favorite?" Here's a David Letterman-style top ten list detailing why Miss Everdeen is beating out her teen ficiton counterparts for Top Teen Heroine (in my mind):
*drumroll, please...............*

10. She's a bad Mamma-Jamma. Do you want to mess with a chick who can shoot a squirrel through its eye from fifty meters away? I think not.

9. She can sleep in a tree. Who can do that? Seriously?

8. Raw rabbit meat and pine bark: it's whats for dinner!

7. She is literally "The Girl on Fire".

6. Boys do not define her - they fight over her! (And...they are HOT BOYS...who bake...and kill things. ;)

5. Haymitch is her homeboy.

4. She refrains from punching Effie in the face throughout the duration of the trilogy.

3. Pig. Apple. Arrow. 'Nuff said!

2. Peeta loves her. I love what Peeta loves!

1. She could kick the snot out of Bella Swan. (We know I love Twilight, but you have to admit, Bella is one whiney chick!)

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  1. love how you what u say about Bella. N totally agree. I have not read The Hunger Games yet, but you make me want to!!

  2. Dude why does she have a sword instead of a bow? And also, the catchphrase could be better. Otherwise, AWESOME POSTER!!!

  3. Just finished the trilogy this weekend. All life and normal everyday household happenings had to stop just so I could find out what happens. Love your top ten list, made me laugh. Thank You

  4. I love this trilogy so much i read it outside on a sunny day and got really sunburnt and didnt notice! I was so amazing and I love peeta so much, and i just want to read it over and over and over again!!

  5. I'm team Peeta! I love the books, they're soooooooooo freakin' good! I love the author and I want to read until i die. I feel really bad for Peeta when he gets hijacked though. AWWW

  6. haha! II would really like to see who takes the roles of Katniss Peeta && Gale!(: -EMILY

  7. Yah, don't really get why she has a sword. And I thought Katniss would have more of that, as my dad says, granola look. (I kinda get what he meant. If you don't, go look it up or something you lazy peeps.) I'm currently reading Catching Fire. It's not as great so far as the first one was, but I still LOVE it. :) P.S. I don't like Twilight at all. I really only like the wolves. Heck, Katniss could beat the crap out of Edward AND Bella. And prolly most of the other vamps, too.

  8. Kaya Scodelario is the perfect Katniss! She looks exactly as I imagine Katniss to be, and she's quite a good actress. Most people have said that Malese Jow (That's how you spell her name, right?) would be a good katniss, but there's something about her that doesn't seem right. Personally, I think Lionsgate would be making a big mistake if they ignored Kaya Scodelario.

  9. I sat with the first book in my bed at 6pm, and starting reading it. i literally didn't put it down until i was finished. i spent the whole night reading it, and pulled my first all-nighter finally finishing it at 6am. I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH.