Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wanna Review Eclipse the Novel Before the Movie?

Then join our Facebook fan page! Go to this link: ECLIPSE GROUP REREAD. If you will "LIKE" the page or subscribe to the page's "Notes" you can receive instant update for each chapter I post. I also have discussion questions at the end of each post I would like your input on, and would appreciate your feedback. You don't have to actually reread each chapter. We just want you discussing your opinions about the book! This also gives us something to do before the big premiere on June 30th! So join our page and DISCUSS burning questions about your favorite (or at least it's my favorite) book in the Twilight Saga! Here is a sample of some of our recent "discussions" over Chapter 1 & 2 of the novel:
Chapter 1 & 2 Discussion Questions
1. Did you like Jacob before New Moon? Did your feelings for him change after the movie?

2. Were you ever "boyfriend obsessed" like Bella? I know you probably didn't have a bf that had a "face any male model would sale his soul" for, but did you at least obsessively spend too much time with your guy/gal?

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