Sunday, February 21, 2010


The previews for Leonardo Dicaprio's new movie, Shutter Island, in no way made me want to see the production. I'm a huge chicken and scary films are not my forte. My husband is a fan of Dicaprio and wanted to see it Saturday evening, so being the good wife that I am, I begrudgingly agreed to accompany him. I can't tell you very much about the film without screwing up what makes the movie AMAZING, but let's just say that the previews do not do this film justice. IT WAS MIND-BENDING AND, AND, AND.....JUST WOW!!! If you have the chance to see the film, take it. Trust's that good!


  1. Good to know! I was debating on getting the book online today. Dennis Lehane is a FANTASTIC writer, but he's so descriptive sometimes I even get spooked. If the story is good though, it's worth the nightmares!

  2. You definitely need to give it a try! The middle of the movie has a bit of a lull, but the ending redeems the entire show! I need to read his books. The movies have been good, so usually the books are better, right?!