Sunday, February 14, 2010

ECLIPSE Movie Stills!!!!

What a wonderful Valentine's Day gift...Eclipse movie stills! I wasn't expecting to see anything from Eclipse for at least a couple of months, but this just might get me through until a trailer finally emerges. Even though I'm not disappointed in the images (enthused is more like it) I have a few beefs about certain aspects of the wardrobe and makeup. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. KStew's Wig - nearly as bad as Jacob's Twilight wig. Why in the HELL did she chop her real hair for The Runaways? The 80's mullet is easily found in every Halloween costume shop, but long Bella hair is hard enough to duplicate with extensions and down-right IMPOSSIBLE with a wig. The wig sucks. I'm sure this is the best Eclipse makeup and wardrobe could do with KStew's mutilated mane, courtesy of The Runaways. WTF.
2. I Will Miss Rachelle Lefevre - the images of the supposedly "new and improved" Victoria are not holding a candle to Lefevre's Victoria. Bryce Dallas Howard is going to have to pull out all of the stops to impress me, and so far, the curly-ass wig isn't cutting the mustard.
3. Edward & THE Bed - This isn't a beef...this is a "Hell Yeah!" for Eclipse fans. We all know about the wrought-iron bed in Eclipse. No, nothing R-rated went on (Steph isn't a fan fiction author), but A LOT went down dialogue-wise in the scene. Terms of marriage were established and big events discussed. They better leave EVERY MORSEL of the scene from the book in the movie. Every word. Every kiss. EVERYTHING!
We know where this is going...nowhere, but we can enjoy it while it lasts. THE BED SCENE with too much conversation, but hey, I'm looking forward to it!
Grabby Edward, take one.
Bryce Dallas Howard, you better not screw this up! No pressure, though. Do vampires get perms?
Just a hunch, but I don't think there's much acting going on in this still. You don't eat face when you act....just sayin'
Edward is lookin' good. Still not over the wig. WHYYYYYYY????
Edward is grabby, take two. I like it.
You can grope my muffin-top anytime, Edward. Anytime. It looks like you also have a bit of light reading going on over in this corner.
The wig doesn't look too bad in this scene, but the image of Rob on a bed is distracting me. Helloooooooo, biceps.
Yum. (Rob, not Kristen's nappy wig.)
If you look really quickly, it looks like he's making out with Jacob. I'm sorry, but I hate Bella's wig. I'll just focus on Rob's mouth.....there, that's better.
Another beef I didn't mention? Bella's skinny jeans. I hate them. I don't know why, but I do? Is it ironic that something labeled as being "skinny" makes people (who actually ARE skinny) look not so skinny?
Click on this one and when it enlarges you can see Bella's engagement ring! Awe! How cute!
Maybe we should print these images and make a flip book?
Edward. June 30th. Too long.
Take IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! Nothing like wearing a flannel shirt to turn on your man!
I wish I knew how to photo shop better than a preschooler...I would totally but myself in KStew's spot...sans crappy wig.


  1. OMG I totally agree about KStew's wig! But I won't let it put put me down. How could it?! And I also agree that every friggin morsel of that scene better be in the movie or i'll be PISSED!!

  2. Loved the movie but you're so right about the wig, ughhh. It was definitely distracting. I loved watching Edward and Jacob, and Emmett. So much man candy in this movie!!