Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eclipse Pics From Walmart New Moon DVD

The Walmart version of the New Moon DVD apparently features the stills from Eclipse I've posted below. I wouldn't know, because I bought the TARGET version of New Moon and would be crucified if I bought yet another version of New Moon. (The iTunes version I also own, but don't tell Donnie!) Enjoy the pics! June 30th is going to be an awesome day in Twilight history!
Why the long face, Alice? Could an army of newborn vampires making their way to Forks be the reason you are so sad?
Outdoor wear for fighting newbies!
Bella's wig is awesome.
Riley. Pissed.
Riley turning into a vamp, perhaps?
Serious Riley.
Hot, scowling Jake.
Riley and Bree Tanner...apparently we will know more about her on June 5th!