Saturday, August 21, 2010

Re-Reading Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

My students favorite phrase to say that they think will get them out of work in my classroom is, "But I already read that!" For some reason, students think that it is taboo to reread a novel or short story. Why? Don't we watch our favorite movies over and over again? Do we listen to songs we like the first time around a few more times? OF COURSE! You can derive the same pleasure from rereading a favorite book! (Don't tell anyone, but I've reread the entire Twilight series at least five times. I KNOW!) It's starting to be the same way with Suzanne Collins's addicting series. I teach the first book, so I hear the same chapters repeated six times a day, but IT NEVER GETS OLD! When Katniss is running from the Cornicopia for the first time, my heart quickens and my palms sweat...even if I'd just read that scene to my students the period before!

That brings me to rereading the second book, Catching Fire. When I was first able to lay hands on it, I DEVOURED it. I had to know what would happen to the characters I had come to know and love. When I devour a book, I tend to skip over stuff. My eyes skim the lines with anticipation, and I end up missing out on little details. I'm only through the first two chapters and I'm noticing all kinds of stuff I didn't the first go around. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm planning on chronicling my eye-opening discoveries in a post I'll publish the day before Mockingjay is released! Any tidbits you guys would like to alert me to while I'm rereading? Feel free to leave me a comment!

Totally off the subject, but check out this pic of actress, Kaya Scodelario I found on the Twilightlexicon blog. They were discussing who should play Katniss (aren't all of us?), and a fan recommended her. Add some tan-in-a-can, and I think she looks PERFECT if we are judging by looks alone.


  1. I know...My students say the same thing. I quietly remind them that I read books over and over again every year because I teach them over and over again. And they argue that I must be bored. I tell them that I see something, hear something, and think something new every single time. Then I challenge them to show me a train of thought or an observation that I haven't seen or heard before. And, my little freshmen can't resist a challenge!

    Thanks for sharing your love for this series. Only a day and a half left!!

  2. Hi!! I was reading your blog and think its fantastic. I am an english teacher in Quebec, Canada. I actually teach English as a second language and I really want to use the Hunger games with my secondary 4 students (grade 11) this year. I noticed you have used it with your students and you mentionned you are willing to share your material. I would be really interested in seeing your material. Of course I will need to adapt it because my kids' first language is french but it would be great to have material to inspire me. Here is my email :

    Let me know if you can send me something! Thanks a million!!!! :)

  3. I tell my kids the same thing when they ask why I reread books. For the same reason we re watch movies- bc we like them! and I always catch something I missed.
    (I have also reread the entire Twilight series many times.....and the Harry Potter series)
    Two more days until Mockingjay!

  4. im rereading my hunger games too! so excited for 'mockingjay' so i have to reread them since its been so long!

    i <3 your blog! i thought i was the only "adult" who loved YA fiction!